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2NE1 on Music On Saturday

Source: credit soh07121 @ YT, taken from soh07121 @ YGLadies
Translation: riceberries

Music On Saturday Topics

Q. What will you be aiming for as a group?

CL: Since debut, we’ve discussed among the members and we’ve decided that we will always continue to challenge ourselves with new things.

The name “2NE1” itself means “new evolution.” But since the beginning, we’ve been leaning towards being a group that is continuously evolving.

Because what will take place tomorrow is a period that we don’t know,

we want to aim towards being an even better group that will work very hard (do our best) in music.

Q. Who is the most fashionable in real life?

*Everyone points to CL*

CL: Everyone is saying that it’s me but, I can't say that I am the most fashionable, because everyone is dressed in clothes with styles that work best for them.

During music videos and photo shoots, we respectively suggest on our own style. In that way, isn’t everyone fashionable?

Q. Any last message?

Dara: On March 28, 2NE1’s new single and new album will be released.

Bom: This time, it features 2ne1’s new and first original Japanese single.

Minzy: Particularly, it also includes 2NE1’s best hits, a lot about 2NE1 and the like, so please watch for it.

CL: Yes, March 28. Please support us.

And that’s all. This has been 2NE1.

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Hello to all who wandered!


This journal is where I post Big Bang translations and fan fiction. I do my best to post, albeit not timely, translations of Japanese articles that I deem accurate with passable or understandable English (English is not my first language, as you've guessed). I try not to rush because that will take the fun out of doing this, and because I get less internet time than I would like. 

I hope you enjoy your visit and please do comment. Thank you for clicking!

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Remember that no matter how erroneous you think other translations are, if people read those first, they wouldn't want to read yours anymore.
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[Trans] Big Bang on Music Station

Source: Kirisan28, j0029pop & aquayf @ YT
Translation: riceberries for bigbanghaven

Everyone, please welcome Big Bang!

V.I: We’re Big Bang! It’s nice to meet you all.

MC: To the members of Perfume, you have a question you’d like to ask the members of Big Bang, don’t you?

Oumoto Ayano: The three of us are thinking about going to Korea for travel and sightseeing. Are there places you can recommend?

Kashino Yuka: For example, if there’s a restaurant or other places you can recommend, please tell us about it.

V.I: Oh, there is. There is a place. In Hongdae there’s this place where you can get really delicious Korean barbecue. But then in this particular shop, if Big Bang goes there, only Big Bang can get the special menu.

Supposing Perfume would like to go to this place, so you can get the same service, please tell us.

Perfume: Really? That’s amazing! Thank you!

V.I: You’re welcome.

MC: Are there other places?

D-LITE: Inside Seoul Tower, you can take a 360 turn.

Nishiwaki Ayaka: How do you get to turn in that place?

D-LITE: The bulding will rotate.

MC: Oh, the building rotates.

Nishiwaki Ayaka: What? Really?

D-LITE: While you’re doing that you can enjoy the night view. [I think he was talking about the rotating restaurant at the top of Seoul Tower]

Perfume: Wow that sounds good.

MC: How about from Big Bang? Are there any questions you’d like to ask Perfume?

T.O.P: Yes.

MC: Yes, T.O.P?

T.O.P: To tell you the truth, even at our Korean home, I make Okonomiyaki.*

To the members of Perfume, is there a place where you can recommend good Okonomiyaki?

Nishiwaki Ayaka: Because I’m from Hiroshima…

Oumoto Ayano: Even if it’s not Hiroshima, Okonomiyaki is good anywhere else in Japan.

Nishiwaki Ayaka: It’s all delicious.

Oumoto Ayano: Yes.

Nishiwaki Ayaka: There is a place called Okonomi-mura, especially for Okonomiyaki.

MC: Everybody, be sure to go!

Now let’s introduce tonight’s guests: Yuzu, Kanjani Eight, Tokyo Incidents, Weaver, Perfume, and Big Bang right after this.

*Okonomiyaki is a Japanese style pancake.


Well, that's one thing T.O.P and I have in common. Okonomiyakis are awesome. :) I like the ones from Osaka.

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[Trans] Message from Big Bang

Source: JVIP thanks to BBCN & 吃香蕉的马桶 @ baidu
Translationriceberries for bigbanghaven

VIP JAPAN! Beautiful Hangover! Please expect a lot from us (thanks [info]whats_desuyo)!

D-LITE: Thank you always!

TOP: Thank you always for your deep interest and support for Big Bang!



ROFL Taeyang WTH. <3 This kind of message reminds me of Dara from 2NE1.

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[Trans] TOP #6 on Japanese Ranking

I saw this and I thought, "SHORT! SWEEEET..." These lists are always entertaining. Hugging from behind. Kyun! :))

carie0757 @ youku, taken from miseremeiYT05 @ youtube
Translation: riceberries  for bigbanghaven

On the upper left: Which good-looking star do you want to hug from the back?

Voice Over:
Completely charming from the front or the back, Big Bang’s TOP! Doesn’t he give off the feeling of loneliness with his deep eyes and husky voice? When loneliness is felt by this man, I want to hug him quietly from behind. His loneliness seems to tickle the maternal instinct of women. TOP, I'll give you a tight hug so you won't be this lonely anymore!

0:09 Everything is his charm point
0:17 The back figure of a lonely man

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[Trans] SANSPO ARTICLE: Big Bang’s Leader Deeply in Love with Mizuhara Kiko

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't there already an article/rumor before about GD dating a ViVi model? And I didn't know there was going to be a Norwegian Wood movie! Mizuhara Kiko will be playing Midori, one of Toru's love interests, according to IMDB. MATSUYAMA KENICHI IS IN IT! THE LEAD ROLE! *jumps around*

Translation: riceberries  for bigbanghaven

Big Bang’s Leader Deeply in Love with Mizuhara Kiko

For the leader, this is a disclosure of a first romance.

Having achieved a major a debut last June, the Korean group, Big Bang, won their first Japanese Record Award with the Best New Artist Award. While they extend their places of activity in Japan, G-Dragon has been weaving through a busy schedule between both Korea and Japan, nursing a long distance love.

His partner, Mizuhara, is of mixed parentage, having an American father and a Korean mother. She is an exotic beauty born in Texas, U.S.A. and raised in Kobe City, Japan. According to the people concerned, G-Dragon fell in love at first sight after Big Bang’s debut in Japan. It is said that it developed into an acquaintanceship.

She comes frequently to their live broadcasts, visiting their dressing room, and is also loved by the other members. One person concerned revealed that, “the matter of the two going out was known by Mizuhara’s model friend.”

From the age of 13, the genius rapper has taken the name G-Dragon. Active in the front line, he is in charge of writing lyrics, composing, and producing. With such a good-looking man having a rare kind of music sense, his popularity is something to be proud of.

On the other hand, Mizuhara debuted as a model in 2003 and appears on fashion shows and commercials. She was selected to be part of the main cast in the much-discussed film, Norweigan Wood, to be released in December, which will serve as her debut as an actress. In addition, having been exposed or trained in three languages: Japanese, Korean, and English, for G-Dragon who is currently studying Japanese, Mizuhara is the “best partner” for him.

Big Bang is currently in Korea. They will once again visit Japan on the release of their new single, Beautiful Hangover, which is scheduled on the 25th of this month.

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bae &lt;3

Word Vomit #1

I planned to post at least once every Sunday when I'm free. But I'm one paragraph short from translating something. I don't feel like posting old articles I've translated either, especially those that other fan sites have already translated. Maybe I should move on to videos.  

Then again, this is my journal. I can do anything I want even if it involves posting things no one will really read. When I first created this account, I thought it was an okay idea since there really weren't many people who bothered with Japanese magazine scans for Big Bang. Now BB is massive in Japan (HELLZ YEAH). In a span of a few months translations are everywhere. GO BB FANDOM!

I don't know. Sometimes after doing homework after homework I feel like I want to spend my days off sleeping in or cuddling up with a good book. It's easier to just relax. It's not like I always have the time to translate stuff, anyway. That's why I'm not fast enough. I'm no frickin kanji master. And the hours I can spend on internet every week day is less than the number of girls Taeyang has dated canyoubelieveit.


I should stop before I lose credibility. Or pa to my tootie. Or rice to my berry. Or, or...

Yeah, I'm stopping.
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[Trans] Big Bang on September issue of 女性セブン Magazine

 Source: verdad @ DCTOP, taken from bigbanghaven
Translations: riceberries for bigbanghaven

From Osaka to Tokyo, 23,000 people screamed: Big Bang Trumps!

They entered the Oricon charts ranking 5th with the theme song for the drama, Iris, while shortly after the release of the leader G-Dragon's DVD, Shine a Light, it debuted at the number one spot on the Oricon Music DVD charts. True to their reputation, in a stretch of more than a year from their debut, they have made their names known.

In Osaka, at  the Universal Studios Japan, they performed in an event (Asia-Pacific Global Tolerance with Music 2010, July 24) with 15,000 people. Two days after, they performed at Odaiba in Tokyo (Mezamashi Live), where they established a great record of 8,000 people flocking to the event, which was far more than the original plan. As a matter of fact, two weeks before,  V.I, who had just undergone an appendicitis operation, returned to work without an interval of rest. On the day Big Bang traveled from Osaka to Tokyo, SOL made a round trip to Japan and Korea within the same day.

And so, after they finished with this magazine's coverage, they wrote words of appreciation many times over to all of the staff and went to the airport with smiles on their faces.

Schedule of Performances:
August 7 - Summer Sonic 2010 (Osaka)
August 8 -  Summer Sonic 2010 (Chiba Stadium)
August 25 - Release of New Single "Beautiful Hangover"

EDIT: I must have confused the numbers. Too many 8s. :P The release of the single is on August 25, not August 28. 

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